Do we look at people as mere means to get something we want?

Do we connect with people only when it is required for us?

Do we engage with people if and only if they are someone big?

Web of connections

I trust in engaging with anyone where I can learn and grow along with them. It truly doesn’t matter if they are successful or not and have a huge fan following or not. I believe in making connections with people where they are making a difference and a change in the perception of life for the better!

I have seen quite a lot of people engaging with someone whom they think as mere means to get something from the connect.

Also, I have been on the side where I was put off just because I was a nobody!

This happens and I have turned wiser!

Thanks to all those people who have given me that clear perspective!

Well, all in all, I am in for this journey of exploration and learning. Most importantly, I want to offer my services or products where it is beneficial for others! That’s the most important element for me!