Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Well that’s what Mahatma Gandhi quoted.

Ain’t that so true?

During my teens, I always blamed others for doing a wrong thing. There were so many societal aspects which razed me to the ground where I found myself hopeless. There was violence, inhumane atrocities and downright manipulation of people across the communities and societies.

I wanted others to be compassionate, to be helpful and to be grateful in the truest sense. But I was lost on how to bring about this change. But then with time I also realized that I need to work on myself before I can change the world.

Though I was unconsciously on this mission of bettering myself at every turn, it is consciously happening within me these past 3 years.

Yoga and Meditation are making me a better person each day.

I am being a part of few activities in a very little way which is going to help the future generations in some way.

Well, miles to go before I sleep but the journey is on for the better!

Have you felt like this?



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