A person jumping from one mountain edge to another

Well I am sure fear is a common thing for all of us.

It is good and normal to have fear. As we are human and we do have these emotions.

Fear could be of a particular thing or action. It could be the fear to do something which you are unsure of or new at.

But it all delves into the question of, ‘ What is it that I am fearful of?’

Let’s say you have a dream but you are not taking the first step because you think you will fail or you would have to face rejection. Well, there you have lost the battle already.

Thinking of a result which may or may not happen cripples one of the present time and action needed to be done.

I think the first step is to recognize the fear.

Accept it and don’t shy away from it

Then, being in the present moment, take the plunge and start on what you have been dreading to do.

Once you focus on the things to be done now, fear inevitably fades away!

I am talking this out of experience. I have started a few projects where I don’t know how it will scale or fare but today I am doing it for the love and need for it to reach more people.

And I love to be in this space of working with involvement and not caring about the results or future.

What do you think is your biggest fear? Were you able to overcome it?



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