Grasslands and Nature

Does it teach you something?

Oh yes!

We may not be conscious of what we are upto when we are pre-occupied in our minds.

But when we go for a vacation or hiking in the mountains or trekking, that’s when we really enjoy the sunshine, the trees, isn’t it?

Does this resonate with you?

This was how the scenario was for me-

Work, work ,work, be preoccupied in my mind with whole of irrelevant things, things to do etc.

And when I went to the mountains on a trek- I really enjoyed being out in the nature devoid of worries and overthinking.

But then one fine day things changed.


I wanted to experience this being one with nature all the time. I realized why can’t I experience this everywhere.

Does the place really matter?

That’s when I got into Yoga and Meditation and things have never been the same ever since.

I now feel that oneness in my all the time, being joyful is a every moment affair!

Isn’t that beautiful?

Nature does teach you to seek within!



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