Have you found your Ikigai?

The reason for your being…

Shwetha Krish
3 min readDec 8, 2020
Steve Jobs quote

How about finding that one thing that you would do for the rest of your life irrespective of the fact that it is your job or not?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I, for one quit a secure 9–5 job in the year 2015 and I wanted to explore Life and also learn about myself and what I enjoyed to do.

I dabbled in a whole lot of things like Travel Photography, Content Writing, Fiction Writing, Travel Blogging, Social Media Marketing but the one thing which I got into fortunately was taking care of my well-being!

Even though I was indulging in and exploring avenues, I wasn’t that content and happiness was very momentary.

That’s when Yoga and Meditation helped me to become a better person and has certainly changed the way I work and perceive things.

A few benefits of practising Yoga and Meditation

  1. There is a certain clarity to work on things that need to be done
  2. There is utter involvement in the work that I am currently doing
  3. I am not bothered about the end-result and that doesn’t hinder the way that I am working
  4. There is no question of work life balance because I enjoy working on the things that need to be done at that point in time

So, coming to the point where I say there isn’t a work life balance, all I mean is work doesn’t seem like work, it is just another things that needs to be done at that point in time.

There is of course a block of time where I keep aside for work or a block of time that I keep aside for spending time with family and a block of time where I indulge in activities but I indulge in a whole lot of things with the same enthusiasm as I am joyful and the same flows to the work or activity to be done at that point in time.

So the above quote from Steve Jobs truly adheres to what I am going through. Explained below…

A couple of years ago, I used to think more about or get into those projects which would be beneficial for me in the monetary aspects way. But now I have started projects where I can offer something which is beneficial for others and help them grow rather than thinking about what’s in it for me.

This change of mindset is very welcoming and I love the space I am in. There is a feeling of freedom to offer the best and I enjoy this process.

Have you ever felt this way?

Well, quite coincidentally I recently read the book, Ikigai which is so utterly practical and so in line with what I am going through in my life.

You can read more about this on my blog post here — Ikigai!

How do we find our Ikigai?

It is possible and when we put our minds and hearts to it we will surely be able to figure out what it truly is.

It is the intersection of ‘What you love’, ‘ What you are good at’, ‘What you get paid for’ and ‘What the world needs!’

So, Have you found your Ikigai?

If no, then introspect, get to know yourself inside out and invest in your well-being and that would surely bring you closer to your Ikigai or the reason for your being!