How do you enjoy a day?

Shwetha Krish
2 min readNov 20, 2020

What do you do to enjoy a day?

Do you spend time with family or watch movies or read a book or go cycling or go shopping with friends or paint or cook?

It could be anything!

An empty cafe with table, chairs…


Why do we take the support of an external activity or event to enjoy a day?

This should make you ponder….

Is it possible to enjoy a day without doing anything?

The answer is YES!

The sheer joy of being alive and being receptive to the moment is a day well spent.

You don’t need an external event or things or people to make you joyful.

Embracing and living life to the fullest can make you joyful each moment!

For me, each day is new and I love to get up in the morning and get doing things whether it is hard or boring or time consuming. I get to doing what needs to be done. And all the terms related to the activity to be done falls short. It doesn’t matter if it is boring or unpleasant, all that matters is that needs to be completed.

This gets me to a very liberating place and I am joyful!

I cannot describe my day because it is a whole lot of moments, all that matters is- I consciously show up in each moment and not be preoccupied in my mind!

What does enjoying a day mean to you?