How to Increase Productivity during Covid-19 Pandemic

Being Productive while working from home

With the Covid-19 Pandemic around, we have seen many companies, businesses taking the remote work from home option.

Companies and Entrepreneurs have an extra responsibility of being present for their team and employees by being virtually connected.

Physical and mental wellbeing takes the lead in connecting with employees and teams apart from working.

Would Productivity decrease with teams working remotely?

In what ways can we connect with people and ensure they work efficiently?

How do we keep the businesses going in this fashion?

Well, Productivity while working from home has always been a challenge irrespective of the current pandemic or not. I have been working from home as a Freelancer and then Digital Marketing Professional since 3 years and being Productive was a challenge initially.

There are ways or a certain atmosphere that needs to be setup to be Productive in the work assigned to us.

Let me highlight a few Tips and steps to be Productive while working from home especially during the Pandemic-

1. Connect with your team members and employees on their well-being-

If you have more number of employees, make a group of 5 members and assign a group member who will periodically be in touch with the members. You can then have the group member to reach out to you for any specific concerns.

2. Ensure they have the necessary resources-

Ensure the infrastructure is provided to them by making use of company funds-

  1. Equipment, Laptop, Company Gadgets
  2. Software
  3. Access to Tools and Apps
  4. Internet Connectivity

3. Establish Communication forums and channels with the team-

A pre-defined schedule for the week can be shared with the teams so that meetings and work can be easily adhered to.


4. Make the Team members / Employees accountable-

Also, accountability matters and also increases the responsibility of the team which ensures productivity.

5. Enable access to learning modules-

6. Conduct webinars or sessions on physical and mental well-being-

7. Hold team building or feedback sessions every 10 days or periodically-

A desktop on a table with different kinds of cameras on the background wall
A desktop on a table with different kinds of cameras on the background wall

8. Inform about necessary Tips on Health-

9. Ensure your team has a daily productive routine-

10. Engage with a Buddy-

So, I hope this post helped in you in some way.

I truly hope we all take care of eachother’s well-being in the company or business that we are in especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

You can reach out to me if you have any more suggestions on increasing Productivity while working from home. You can also check out my post on 10 Tips to be Productive while working from home!


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