The past 3 years I have been hearing the word inclusion a lot in my Spiritual Journey.

5 Hand on the table

Though I understood it then, it is only now that I truly resonate with it through my experiences.

I have realized that working in silos and being in an isolated environment doesn’t help one completely, probably it could bring about some satisfaction. But working with a broader perspective with many others on a focused goal makes it all the more achievable and also provides efficient results.

Life is truly celebratory when we include others in our journey. It depends how they complement your journey and in what way can both or a group steer to the decided destination with a particular set of skills or acumen.

I have seen this work wonders in groups even when we didn’t have the necessary skill-set to complete the job but it got done.

It is about giving your entire self to the activity at that moment completely, without thinking about the results and just going deep into the activity or task at hand.

Have you experienced this?