Is Burnout a common thing this Pandemic?

Shwetha Krish
1 min readNov 23, 2020

Well, with lots of us working from home and unable to set a clear boundary between work and family time and our break time, we tend to overwork.

This could have led to burnout and making us less productive.

But how can we overcome that?

A hand in the sea… someone is drowning

Well, for a start

  1. Be completely present in the moment
  2. Concentrate on one task completely at a time
  3. Don’t bother about the results and give yourself completely to the activities needed to be done at the moment
  4. Have a routine for Work, Break, Family time and follow it every single day
  5. Segregate spaces for Work, Recreation, Sleep etc. — This is a must as it helps you to focus on the activity at hand
  6. Give your mind sufficient time to unwind, introspect — Try Journaling
  7. Enjoy anything that you are doing no matter the job or task or activity

This has helped me to be productive and enjoy each day thoroughly!

Have you experienced Burnout and how did you overcome it?