Shwetha Krish
Nov 19, 2020


What does Joy mean to you?

Is it a fleeting moment in your life? Or are you always joyful?

A woman jumping in the air with mountains and valleys in the background

As a child, no matter the situation we would always be joyful. Even though we would be cranky at times, the joy of life and being receptive to life was always evident.

Why do we count the moments of Joy now as an adult?

I have realized it the hard way and it has taken quite some years to gain this perception.

But now I am always joyful and in a state of balance no matter the situation.

At times I feel, what changed within me but I can’t quite pin point and say this is it!

Yoga and Meditation has helped me in a huge way and continues to do so everyday!

Are you Joyful everyday every moment?