Making a difference with the Power of Networking

Building Authentic and Reliable Connects

Shwetha Krish
3 min readDec 3, 2020

Building Genuine connects or relationships at work goes a long way for anyone!

This applies to even our personal relationships or just about any relationship in this world.

Having authentic connects helps one to grow a business based on trust, integrity irrespective of what the end-result would be for the company.

In my experience of networking with people from varied fields and walks of life, I have learnt a few things which are mentioned below:

  1. Always be yourself- Don’t try to imitate someone or don’t act to be someone you are not just to please the crowd
  2. Integrity matters- Don’t sugar coat or exaggerate the work or business that you run. Talk about it from the perspective of the client on what they would be offered with your product or service.
  3. Listening skills- It is always best to listen to what others have to say. I have learnt a great deal from listening to others. It has helped me to look at business or projects from different perspectives and that has helped me a great deal.
  4. Don’t expect- Initiate or build a connection in an authentic manner. Do not expect anything in return from the other person. If they really like and appreciate what you are doing they will do whatever they can do to help you out.
  5. Share- Share about their work and be connected on Social Media platforms and engage with their work if you appreciate their work. Also, keep them abreast with stage of your project in case they are interested to know about it. And again don’t expect anything in return.

I have had the honour to interview a Power Networker, Umeysh Ramalingachar on my Podcast, Preneurship diaries where we talk about Authenticity of Networking, Social Entrepreneurship, Startup Ecosystem in India during this Pandemic, Productivity and Well-being!

Making a difference to the community by leveraging the power of networking is what I have learnt from Umeysh. He is very humble and his amount of work is commendable!

Him being a Social Entrepreneur has helped few people in providing the basic resources needed by them(women, children) by reaching out to his network on Social Media Platforms!

Lot of people in a neworking event in a Hall
PC: Jakob Dalbjorn(

This gets me to thinking that we all can make a difference to the society, to the community or the world at large when we have authentic, genuine connects across the world.

But can anyone be a Power Networker?

Of course one can and it is all about a matter of time and genuine effort.

Imagine a world which could have authentic connections and make a difference to the issues at hand in this world.

Can we get there or do you think we will always make a connection to access influential connects or money or power to feel good about ourselves and pursue a materialistic life!

Well, the choice to make a difference lies with us!

It is upto us on how we can leverage the skills we are good at and offer it to the betterment of our society or community or world!

We can go only so far when we walk alone but together in an inclusive way we can make an impact and difference for the better!

Isn’t that what we all want?

What do you think?