Shwetha Krish
Nov 18, 2020


Have you experienced the Power of Networking?

A person talking on stage among a crowd of people

I have been an Introvert and I was shy to initiate conversations let alone took to a bunch of people.

But the jobs and projects I handled exposed me to a new side of myself. I turned out to be bold and outspoken on the topics to be discussed. This was something I wasn’t expecting!

I have realized that, my intention is to communicate clearly to the person at the other end and make him understand my view point and also acknowledge what the other person has to say. This isn’t about agreeing to what everyone says. You take what is relevant to you and go on.

There is a certain beauty in Networking. I have come across people from various walks of life and I have learnt a lot from them and grown as a person.

Lately, I have been enjoying this through my Podcast and interacting with a whole bunch of dedicated Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs!

It has also helped me to see life in a different perspective and it is amazing!

The interactions keep me motivated to go on and do things which are needed to be done!

Are you a networker? What has been your experience?



Shwetha Krish

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