Shwetha Krish
2 min readOct 22, 2020


Does Silence evoke something in you?

I recall my childhood days when All I did was play and stare at the line of ants and wonder how they were so efficient.

There were days when I used to lose track of time and my mother used to come and break me out of my reverie!

I found solace in the joy of being by myself.

At school, I was labeled as this quiet child who doesn’t speak a word.

This was something I took offense at but then I was happy with the myself so it didn’t matter much. I used to speak when I was spoken to and didn’t get caught up in endless chatter.

But then as I grew I got lost in the workings of the society. It dared me to speak up and be an individualist etc. etc.

Well there I was caught up in the manipulative workings of the civilization.

And the bottom line I wasn’t happy all the time except for a few occasions.

It is only in the recent years that I realized, I was giving much importance to the external things rather than my inner well-being.

The Tide has changed and my main priority is getting in touch with my inner space and growing as a person with that foundation.

This journey gets me back to the times when I was a kid; always joyful!

Now I am joyful every moment and it is a beautiful inner journey which keep me up and about my life!

Being lost in the Silence and stillness is something that I get into quite naturally now, thanks to Yoga and Meditation!

Have you experienced the inner journey?



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