When are you struck with an Idea?

Have you experienced this?

A light bulb against a black background

You spend a lot of time working on something, you are pondering about the solution to a problem and you have already spent an entire day staring at your computer or at the problem at hand.

Then suddenly when you are taking a shower, you get an idea and it is so apt. You wonder, why you didn’t think of this before!

I am sure you have experienced something like this.

Your Eureka moment could have been during working on your chores or while doing the laundry or while painting or while watching a movie or while reading a book or while meditating or in your sleep!

I for one have experienced this when I am meditating or when I have just finished a Yogic practice! I seldom think, it is all a bout calming your mind and bringing a certain balance in your breath patterns. The ease with which you think then is commendable in all aspects.

What has been your Eureka moment?



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