Work Life Balance

Are you aiming for this?

Do you think there is anything like work life balance?

Tiny leaf on the palm of a person
Tiny leaf on the palm of a person

I was quite figuring out on how to have a work life balance but then I wasn’t able to strike a chord.

Why should we create a distinction between work and life?

It is life alone and nothing else?

It is in our own life that we play, work, learn, travel etc.

Then why the concept of work life balance.

When you start to cherish life and involve yourself completely in everything that you do then you are living your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are working, playing, doing laundry it is just sheer life!

I have come to realize this through Yoga and Meditation.

The joy I feel everyday to go about everything; be it cleaning, working on a blog, interacting with people, cooking is pure bliss.

The concept of work and life balance doesn’t seep in now.

It is only balance within you and from there on you start living life to the fullest!

What do you think about Work-Life balance?

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